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Sri-Lanka, is an island nation (situated just below India) with a twenty-five thousand square mile land area and a two-thousand five hundred plus year history. What strikes the visitor as most unique about this country is the wide variety in scenery offered and its cheerful and helpful nineteen million citizens.

pristine beaches and travel inland for just a few hours to be spellbound by the architectural marvels of an ancient civilization, trek jungles and mountains, go whitewater rafting and visit wildlife sanctuaries that are the envy of the world. The Seien Sie mutig und stellen Sie sich der Aufgabe!Spielen Sie Roulette und Blackjack auf Ihrem Mobilgerät und genießen Sie diese Casino -Favoriten unterwegs. climate is warm and humid throughout casino online most of the year but the Central One of the worst detoxexperiences I had was having a juicer and doing internet searches on cleansing juices. mountainous region has a very refreshing cool climate.

Colombo, the commercial capital of the country, lies on the west coast and the wet zone of the country. Colombo offers the business traveler world class accommodation and cuisine. The banking, healthcare sectors and telecommunications offer very reliable service. Private taxi transportation is readily available at reasonable cost from the hotels as well as in the city and major towns. The currency unit used is the Rupee and major credit cards are accepted at a majority of establishments.

The economy is export oriented and apparel exports and tourism play a vital role in employment and income generation for the country. Traditional agricultural exports include Tea, Rubber, Coconut and Spices. Gems and jewelry exports are also well established industries.

The Sinhalese form about eighty-five percent of the population and Buddhism is followed by close upon seventy percent of the Sinhalese. Tamils and Muslims make up the rest of the population. Visits to some of the famous temples and churches are a must and is easily arranged. The pictures of Sri-Lanka that we have selected for this site are just an indication of what’s on offer for the tourist. Pay Sri-Lanka a visit and be truly amazed!

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